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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller Rat Bastards   
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As the world prepares to reopen, I can't help but think this is going to be a new chapter in all our lives. "My name is Caressa Thompson and I am from Baker, FL," says our newest angel. Caressa got into modeling, ushering in a new chapter in her life. After a particularly toxic relationship, which through experience I know can immeasurably have negative effects on a person's self-esteem, our angel found herself "trying to fall back in love" with her self-image.


Since she began modeling, Caressa has found what she loves most about it. "The sense of self-confidence I see in myself now," she admits. "Definitely my self-confidence and the way I see myself." The journey to becoming the woman she is today started with a sweet little girl in Florida. Caressa confesses to being, "very shy and timid until I got older and then I emerged into the beautiful butterfly I am today!"

Caressa is headed to the stars, as her ambition denotes. She has a clear understanding that it will take a ton of drive and dedication. Shein, Forever 21 and American Eagle are three brands she would love to work with. Speaking of work; when the days are long all she looks forward to doing is getting home to a glass of wine and a warm bath.


Modeling just happens to be one of her many interests. Music, religion, astrology and psychology are subjects Caressa can spend hours discussing. Music is not something she simply enjoys, it turns out she also has the voice of an angel.

Living in Baker, Florida, Caressa loves the small town vibe and the river. However she loves to visit the city of New Orleans or going to the beach. Small and intimate usually means safe or at least safer. Over time I have learned to appreciate the value of feeling secure, especially after becoming a father. "My idea of heaven on earth would be a place to call my own," Caressa tells me. "My safe haven."


The pretty southern girl, who never leaves home without her phone, wallet and debit card can be seen in her Bohemian Southern-Belle fashion sense, accentuated by select shoes and jewelry venturing around Destin, a city located on Florida’s Emerald Coast with its white beaches and emerald green waters.


Throughout this interview, I learned that Caressa would like to work on a very specific aspect of herself. "My reaction to things when I get upset," she confesses. We talk about the fears each of us has regarding life, and what her biggest concern in life would be. Caressa's short yet heartfelt response was "failing as a mom."

Habits have to be monitored or they can become hindrances. Caressa has developed the healthy habit of eating fruits and vegetables rather than junk food. Just the same she does have her guilty pleasures; strawberries, sugar and seaweed.


The Swedish, Irish and German beauty is also passionate about treating others well even going so far as to define beauty as such. "Beauty is defined on the inside and not on the outside," Caressa asserts. "Unfortunately in our world beautiful women do get special treatment but I do believe that if you don't have a beautiful heart it’s just congratulations to your face."

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