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Never Judge An Angel by Her Wings | Tregesy - Oregon PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Beauty, intelligence and character. When these elements are mixed, the result is enchanting to say the least. I fall in love every time. After this interview, this is the conclusion I came up with in regards to our current angel; Tregesy. I’d asked her to describe herself in three words. “I.Am.Tregesy.” is the answer I received. I liked it and her immediately however I was a tad disappointed. I’d wanted more. And as I learned more, I found myself continuously surprised by her declarations. Her beauty is instant whilst her intelligence and character is gradual like a seduction. “Intrigue sprinkled with a bit of mystery,” she says expressing her thoughts on the key to a great seduction.



Tregesy is the type of girl whose company I’d seek at every moment possible to the threat of becoming stalkerish. She marches to the beat of her own drum, attracting what I suspect to be a legion of admirers like me. With an alter-ego she refers to as an internet nerd, she loves live music, art, snowboarding, fitness, cooking and animals; the one thing she can’t live without. “I have a habit of adopting too many pets,” she says. A strange childhood, where she went through many phases; akward, punk, blond, and confused preceded the beauty we see today. Unbelievably she always thought she looked like a man.  Tregesy is a wonderful mix of Belgian and Italian, “with a bit of hillbilly for fun”, she says jokingly. Though she defines beauty as a “natural uniqueness”, she’s never come to fully appreciate her own look. “Ironically, I don’t take compliments very well so I tend to shy away from those possibly beat-red moments.” Its sounds something like an allergy. What she prefers are compliments about her accomplishments. Now you know.



Tregesy is a true cover girl. She has appeared on over ten book covers, admitting she has yet to read any of them; something she plans to soon remedy. She viewed modeling as an opportunity and most importantly a challenge. It was shortly after making this decision where she was asked to be a book cover model, an immediate accomplishment. Motivated by her love of music, and passionate, optimistic people; Tregesy ultimately would love to be the face of a music tour, interviewing artists and promoting tour sponsors. “Creative, cutting edge, energetic photographers, makeup artists,” she says of her influences, “and stylists who were passionate about what they did.”



We are both Aquarius, something I am not an authority on so I accept what she says when she speaks of our shared zodiac. “Aquarius; it’s a masculine fixed air sign which probably explains why I have the ‘I’m-afraid-I-look-like-a-dude complex,’” she tells me. “Also, we’re highly independent and intellectual which suits me well.” Seeing that we have this in common, a friendship could happen. Most of my friends are girls much to the chagrin of the women I date. “Many of my friends are guys,” she says attributing this to her masculine-complex. “It’s always been this way.” Since its always been this way I’m hoping she’ll count me as a friend granted she can handle my… idiosyncrasies. But should my ways annoy, I like to makes amends gift in hand. “Puppies usually do the trick,” she says and I think she could end up with a kennel messing with me. Ha.



Heaven on earth here in Angels Playpen is more of a set of emotions produced by a set of circumstances than an actual physical place. It is attained or reached by each of us in matters unique to that person, meaning your heaven could potentially be my hell. “Being around loved ones,” Tregesy describes her heaven on earth, “who are healthy and happy; preferably in a warm place like Costa Rica, sipping on umbrella drinks by a pool.” Her heaven resembled mine until she added “cabana boys would be a nice touch too”, then it was hellish. Nevertheless healthy family and friends are a large part of my personal happiness and sometimes my business, which is my passion far removes me from this heaven. Balance is sought. Tregesy understands. “A little bit,” she says in slight accord, “I try not to push my modeling on those in my personal life as I find it to be a bit superficial. Of course I more than welcome the support but not all my friends, coworkers and family want to picture me half-naked.” Maybe not family but coworkers…



A very deliberate speaker, her answers to my litany of random inquiries are pointed, intelligent and colored with humour. Asked where she is sexiest, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an oversized tee, she quips, “That would be relative to who is judging and that person would need to be with me from Friday through Sunday morning in order to make an informed decision.” Point made. Her turn ons include drummers, “nekkid-ness”, pretty ladies, beaches and cocktails. Her turn offs mirror a few of my own; sports, wet socks and bad musical taste. First thought when she wakes, “Need coffee in my face-hole right neow.” This draws a snicker from me. Laughter is always a breath away with me, transforming simple moments into joyful memories. “I genuinely laugh all the time,” Tregesy mentions, “and it’s very distinct. Sort of has the ring of a drunk trucker.” Hunh… wonder if this has anything to do with her love-hate relationship with beer.



As close out this interview, I am filled with an uneasy enlightenment. When I’d first laid eyes on Tregesy I felt I had preconceived notions about the angel due the many surprises I’ve stumbled upon. My idea of an angel changes all the time and she has helped in this regard. “Something that encompasses all the traits I value,” says the complex beauty relaying her idea of an angel. I think I’m leaning towards a similar conviction. There are a myriad of characteristics that fit my idea of an angel and no single person can embody them all, therefore I highlight the angels I do find. Sometimes they just look like angels; other times they actually are really sweet with a slight sexy innocence, always my favorites. I can never tell by looks alone, sweet looking angels turn out to be wildcats, while those with a fire in their eyes turn out to be kind and laid back. So now I know… Never judge a book by its cover or an angel by her wings. Angels Playpen. HTM.