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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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While the East Coast of the United States was dealing with Hurricane Irene, in the Philippines, the island of Luzon was being hammered by a super-typhoon named Mina.  If I didn't know any better I’d say hell had arrived. But at the sight of Luzon born Ela Pasion, my belief that angels exist strengthens; heaven on Earth is attainable, however fleeting it may be. Angels Playpen is where we escape the less desirable parts of living, understanding that balance must be achieved. Where there is hell, we seek heaven. Let’s learn more about this angel Ela, a natural reminder as to the beauty to be found around us, as she answers my usual battery of questions.



Ela now lives in California. “I moved to the United States at a really young age and was raised a Cali girl my entire life,” she tells me. “I live in Los Angeles now, and I call it home.” In Los Angeles, as legend declares, Ela now confirms. “The best thing about where I live now is that there is never a dull moment. There's the beach, theme parks, clubs, theaters, malls, and so much more. How can you ever say you're bored?” Growing up in Cali, she courageously admits to being shy and portly. “I never forget where I came from,” she continues. “I know what it’s like to feel socially awkward or made fun of, so I always show compassion by being nice to everyone.” She was even nice to me, agreeing to this unorthodox interview.



Because she is so sweet I would be terribly upset if I were to ever offend her. A gift could be the answer. “Well I wouldn't say one thing would always fix my feelings,” Ela informs me. “That would be very materialistic of me. I've always believed it's the thought that counts.” And it is. She goes on to give an example. “It’s very rare,” she says, “but when my boyfriend and I get into a fight, he always surprises me with something different. Breakfast in bed, flowers, a note. It's always something thoughtful and always something different. I can't stay upset after something so sweet.” I get childish at the mention of a boyfriend but hate has never been my strong suit, I quickly mature. She clearly loves her man, describing an unforgettable moment of love. “When my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend at Disneyland.” I smile at this sweet and incredibly simple proclamation.



Just because she has a boyfriend doesn’t mean I can’t make her smile from time to time. An attractive girl, a simple compliment could just be the thing. “Any compliment I receive about my legs,” confesses the beauty.  “I've always disliked my legs somewhat, but as of late I've come to terms that my thick legs have their own kind of sexiness. So hearing any compliments on my legs really makes me day.” Well dear, I think your legs are sexy. “I actually work out a lot,” she says, “I grew up a very chubby girl. I needed to shed that “baby fat” on my own. I am very strict when it comes to working out, and I actually get somewhat depressed when I go without working out for a while.” I too find solace in a good work out, a run akin to therapy.



“I am a Taurus to a T,” Ela announces proudly. “I am very laidback and I love the physical pleasures in life. Although I may be lazy at times, I am very, very headstrong and immovable when it comes to the things I truly desire.”Sounds like me but I’m an Aquarius; so much I have to learn about this zodiac stuff. Some of her desires include one day working with Maxim, Playboy and MTV. A desire to work with great companies and get famous is not her source of motivation. “I gain motivation from my friends,” she says, “and mentors that believe in me. To my family, I am not following the “typical” path they expected me to follow for my life, and what motivates me is being able to show them that I am doing well for myself.” Obviously committed to her career she nevertheless balances it with her personal life without difficulty. “I tend to favor my career more but my friends understand.” Her first job as a sex symbol was just over a year ago. “My very first modeling gig I ever got was a promotional modeling job with Cannagen at Kush Expo 2010. I joined the Miss Hot Kush Girl Contest that year and I won it. After that win I knew I loved to model.”



Counting on her “exotic look and outgoing friendly charm” to separate her from the pack, she sees no reason to switch up. “I don't intend on letting go of those traits.” She has picked up some other traits along the way. “Since becoming a model, I've gained a lot of self-confidence. I'm not as shy as I used to be and I love to network and meet new people. I've changed for the better. This is the me I was always meant to be.” And the woman she has become is a beauty. “Seeing the good in others,” Ela tells me her definition of beauty, “and treating others with kindness.” An angel to my eyes, she has an angel of her own. “I have a brother who passed when I was really young. He is my angel.”



“Human beings are naturally very sexual creatures,” Ela has begun to explain the secret to a great seduction. “We are only ‘conditioned’ to hold back and refrain from being open about such pleasures, but if one would let go and FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS, you'll find a carnal creature you never thought was there.” Her answer makes her a valuable asset to Angels Playpen, for pleasure to us is more of a spiritual quest and less a physical one. Being sensual is a gateway to a plane only found through immense pleasure. Enjoy yourself. “I want to go to Hawaii,” she says of her ideal getaway. “I’ve never been and I am determined to go.” And Angels Playpen is determined to send her there… for a photo shoot of course. Ha. Heaven on earth she professes involves “partying with my best friends. I always have a good laugh with my friends and family. I'm not a super serious person. I let go of myself quite often.” It’s ok to let go love but please don’t hurt yourself, remember we are about pleasure not pain.



After going through her responses I feel I know enough about the beautiful lady, yet I ask her to describe herself in three words. “Exotic, friendly and determined,” she answers. Loyalty for me is very important in both business and life; Ela understands as she is unshakably loyal to her friends. She has very few that she considers family. In today’s crazy world, it takes a strong and good spirited person to remain loyal to anything but I suggest the world change before your spirit. “I would love to see less ignorance [in the world],” she says. “I would love to see if the world cared more about the well-being of others. That would make living on this world a better place.” I agree. Deeply rooted in their culture, Ela’s loves everything about her family. “I have a lot of pride in my heritage,” she says. Outside of utilizing her heaven sent gifts she loves to cook; “I’m not too bad if I say so myself.” But this isn’t all. “My 'Hidden Treasure' is that I am a very spiritual person. I believe strongly in Karma and that having a kind a good heart will bring me success.” And of course HTM and Angels Playpen will be there.




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