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April Summers In London - The Other Side | London, UK PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor In Chief   
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LONDON. April Summers is sexy. So sexy men are actually intimidated by her. “Men are always intimidated by me,” the quarter German, quarter Austrian beauty says explaining this nuisance. “It’s difficult to strike up a romance-friendship when they are [so] shy.” Well she can be my friend any day. The sexier the better. And if we became close friends and had a disagreement no gift is necessary for forgiveness. “Honesty would be the best gift as it shows you care and regret what you had done.”



Apparently that incredibly sexy body is a gift from the heavens. “I never do any exercise,” April says. “I’m all natural baby.” And I can appreciate that. Another thing I can appreciate is a sexy woman with a sense of humor. Somewhere along the way in this interview, she genuinely laughed and I so hope it wasn’t at me. She figures everyone likes her most for her self-deprecating humor. “I’m not afraid to laugh at myself.”



April’s appeal extends far beyond her pretty face and curvy frame. Her willingness to let go and laugh is a alluring; I know hers would be company I could never tire of. “Honesty, laughter and being relaxed,” she offers as the key to a good seduction. Well I’m seduced and now speculate what dating April would be like. “Ohhh…,” she says of the worst that could happen on a romantic date, “I could tell you some embarrassing stories but I won’t…” Why? Because it appears that she can’t stop giggling.



Contrary to popular opinion I am a recluse… with an adventurous spirit. When April tells me that she “doesn’t like the limelight” I am surprised at this. She goes on to say that she is a “family person at heart” making me think of home cooked meals and Sunday picnics. It turns out it would be more like “dining out, theatre and the company of a good man,” she delivers with a smilie face, “and er… fishing.” I’m thinking I can fill this role from time to time.




“I’m really down to earth and easy to deal with,” Aprils tells me is her ‘Hidden Treasure.’ It makes me happy to hear this as I do plan to have April join me on an adventure or two. Will she come? Where would she like to go? “My favorite place is Italy love the culture,” she says, “the landscape and the people, I love to shop at Harvery Nicks and Independent boutiques in London and Paris.” When the adventure was over and she’s had enough of my antics and nice getaway is what I’d offer. “Somewhere rural and quiet by the coast,” April suggests.



Born and raised in London, April In her younger years was very much the girl I see in her photos. She was “wild, adventurous and a bit of a rebel.” One of these I will interrogate her childhood friends just to see how adventurous she was. “A few childhood friends are now my best friends,” she states. This means it shouldn’t be too hard for me to find the answers I seek. Speaking o which, I wondered what their thoughts were on her modeling. “At first they were unsure about the sexiness of it all but they have been very supportive and that has helped my confidence as they can’t wait to see my latest picture or magazine I’m in. They all want a copy,” she delivers with excitement.



Unlike other models, “I’m an R.A.D.A. trained actress,” she says. “I also work as a TV presenter on British television.” Cool. I got a few things to sell I think the Brits will like. Balancing April’s career with her personal life is difficult but she’s up to the task. “I’m so busy traveling on assignments it’s very difficult to settle down and have a good relationship,” she forlornly admits and for a moment I feel pity for the beautiful busy girl. I just want to offer a hug. “My friends and family come number one in my life and mean everything to me.” She even says love and family are the two institutions that motivate her. I like this girl. “All love, whatever the moment, stays with you forever; makes us human.”



Since becoming a model, changes haven’t sprung up within. “I’m grounded as the person I am away from work life,” she wants known… yet, “I am grateful for the chance to live my dreams in from of the camera,” she says. For today, April is still at home in London. “Anything is possible here to achieve a dream,” she points out. Dreams are good as “sleep” is the one thing she can’t live without. I don’t sleep or dream enough so maybe she can help me out a little.



Everyone has a love-hate relationship with something. For April its with herself. “I'm a Taurus,” she says, “but I’m a dragon under the Chinese zodiac so that means I can be destructive and fiery but I can also be loyal, responsible and passionate.” One of her passions is to see “World Peace” achieved.  During a performance in Oliver, top agents had their eye on the aspiring actress. It was then that she received the best compliment she’s heard to date. ‘You’re going to be a star; you’re a natural,’ the agents told her. These words have never left her. We just hope she remembers us little guys.


Written For Hidden Treasures Magazine