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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller Rat Bastards   
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Down-to-earth is a phrase that refers to the informal nature of an individual, the ease with which one is approachable and engages in conversation. What these interviews have revealed time-and-time again is that beautiful girls are just like the rest of us. Jenny Marie is one such angel. She answers my questions casually, almost as if we were new friends learning more about each other over a bottle of wine.




Jenny is from Washington State where she grew up with a tight knit group of friends with whom she spent most of her childhood. Today, Jenny’s closest friend is her oldest friend. “We’ve known each other since I was four years old,” she explains. Our blonde-haired angel currently calls Los Angeles home. “I left my hometown behind when I went to pursue my dreams,” outlines Jenny. “Not being able to see my family everyday is the biggest sacrifice.”



Even though not being with family and friends is a huge sacrifice for Jenny, living in Los Angeles has been a blessing. “I’m lucky enough to have the beach so close to where I live,” she confesses. “I have it at my leisure.” Also the food isn’t too bad either. “Living in Los Angeles has given me amazing sushi options,” our angel says. “My favorite city to eat, shop and party in is Las Vegas. It’s so awesome that it’s only a half a day drive away from me!” Paris nightclub is where she parties while in town. “It’s never packed and you can dance all night.”



Leaving Washington State to live out her dreams as a model shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to her family. “I was a child model and it must run through my blood because I just found out my grandma was a model too,” says Jenny with measured excitement. “So cool!” As a model, she has a little edge over the other girls in the industry. "I think what makes me stand out in the industry," she says thoughtfully, "is that I have a natural look and I'm very determined to achieve my goals."



Stubborn and passionate, Jenny is a LEO and it shows in her commitment to her future in modeling. Her success and all she dares to envision is as good as achieved. “I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to,” she says, “so nothing is too much of a dream for me.” An adorable mix of German and Irish, it’s no question she gets plenty of compliments. “I love when people say I have beautiful eyes,” she proudly admits. “That’s such a sweet compliment to receive.”



“I genuinely laugh every day,” says Jenny. “I’m surrounded by people I love that constantly have me cracking up.” I get a little jealous; I don’t have the type of people around constantly bringing a smile to my face. I’m usually surrounded by serious people, even dangerous to an extent. With supportive friends who bring genuine joy to her regularly, Jenny is blessed. “All of my friends are really supportive and excited for me,” she says with animated words. Raised by a mother she considers her hero on many levels, she clearly has an amazing mom. “She’s the greatest,” our angel exclaims proudly.



“My idea of heaven on earth would be eating anything I want without gaining weight,” Jenny jokes answering one of my favorite questions. “Other than that heaven on earth for me is being at home, on my rooftop deck with family and friends just enjoying life.” Heaven would not exist without the existence of hell; they are two sides of the same coin. “I have a love/hate relationship with my body,” she relays, “as I am sure many people can relate to. Sometimes I get down on myself if I haven’t been taking care of myself in the best ways I can but as soon as I start working out again I feel incredible and stronger than ever!” That’s one of the things people are most surprise about with Jenny. “Something that people don’t know about me is I’m very into physical activity. I love rollerblading, I used to be in gymnastics as a kid and I used to be a competitive diver growing up.” Recently she discovered that she loves Yoga. “It’s such a great way to wind down while still getting in an unbelievable workout.”



Fear is the opposite of love, some say. Since Jenny is fearless, I assume she has had plenty moments in her life where love was present. “One of the most unforgettable moments of love I’ve had was sitting by the fire drinking wine in the mountains while it was snowing outside.” A lazy Sunday hanging out with a pretty lady like Jenny wearing an oversized tee-shirt is one of sexiest instances a woman can offer. Still, Friday night when she slips into her little black dress is equally sexy. “I feel sexy in both situations,” she tells me, “but there is nothing as sexy as being in an oversized tee-shirt, lounging at home with the people you love.”



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