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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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It is quite an anomaly coming across a recording artist who finds honor in the inspiration they have become to many others in the industry, guiding them to success. Drawing inspiration from within, this songbird ascertained early on the law of karma. "I learned from a young age," she say, "help others from your heart and goodness will lead back to you." Today, she has noticed the industry has become mostly corrupt. "So as an entrepreneur," she continues, "I feel it's my calling to open doors and break barriers for others to lead the way."

Young and earnest, with a giving heart, a girl saw how music and being an artist was life. She set her intent, backed it with action and along the way practiced gratitude. "Yes," she tells me thoughtfully. "There are plenty of moments in my career I am truly grateful for. The ones that stick out the most are the ones that touch me personally as a survivor of domestic violence, performing or advocating for that cause means a lot to me." Nominated for several awards signifies the effect she has had on her fans and supporters who carry her mission with reverence.



Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City. This is where the undeniable talent we call "Vero G" originated. Born Veronica Gonzalez, with a spirited charisma that transported her through the various channels of the entertainment industry, singing a song few could resist. With a soulful voice that belied her age of seven, she began to develop her brand as a member of the JHS 22 School Choir and Al Sharpton's Change Choir. Awards and accolades soon followed such as the First Place Trophy for the Anti-Violence Certificate for Recognition.

Vero G's style is highly infectious, I too found myself intrigued by her movement. Influenced by Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Selena and Mariah Carey, Vero's music is inspiring, touching souls with her notable performances in which audiences regularly demand encores. The first single she released is a R&B tune fittingly called "Addictive" which open the door for subsequent collaborations with artists such as Cool Breeze with the song "Summertime" - a remake of one of the fathers of pop music; George Gershwin. Vero has even addressed the holidays with a Christmas EP titled "It's Christmas." The "It's Christmas" EP came with an accompanying video for the single "White Christmas" which was produced by Take Over Productions. The collabs continued with artists including Real Lyricez, Jose the Amazing, Dirty Promesa, J - Shine, SGS, Darka Shade, Brian J Morris, Shenee Johnson and others.


Vero G readily commands the stage with passion and presence which can be verified by the lengthy list the venue and events she has performed at. Recoup Lounge, Sapphire Lounge, Blaze the Stage, Baze the Mic, Blacktorn 51 and Village Underground are to name a few. The list is indeed impressive. One of the more prominent performances is with Dirty Promesa and their performance of their collaborative efforts Turn It On and Vicious; each having a visual rendering. Vero has a longstanding relationship with MNN television studios performing on several TV shows including "The Home Invaders Variety Show" and "Guy Cormier's Stories Today."


As Vero G's soulful and inspirational brand grows with mixtape appearances, radio interviews, college and syndicated radio spins, her talents have taken her to leading lady roles in videos for Reggie the Producer, which was directed by Oscar Fernandez. From there acting wasn't too far with Vero G appearing in a number of films (The Interrogators directed by Milton Greene, Sensory Deprivation and Coincidental Killer) and after a few photo shoots, modeling was added to her already impressive resume. The Vero G Spotlight TV show, showcases New York City performers is a direct reflection who she is in the industry, a living, breathing platform for true passion and artistry. Vero G os not only a rising star but a source of inspiration for countless dreamers.


It is a pleasure to have gotten to know one of the true angels of the industry, the charismatic and high-spirited Vero G. However, I have to wonder how she maintains firm legs in such a shaky industry. "In this music industry it can have it's ups-and-downs," Vero G admits, "but what makes me stand my ground is believing in my mission. Myself, my product, brand [and] what I work so hard for. I know at the end of the day I got my ambitions, goals and dreams that I have to achieve no matter how hard it may be." Vero G knows that one day all that she works towards will come to fruition, relying exclusively on her own drive and those who believe in her. Well, truth is she can add me as a believer.


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