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Blessings - Nature
Written by Bless Theangels   
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Deforestation is the main reason behind the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Research suggests that certain gases produced by the earth's vegetation has an overall cooling effect on our climate. With facts like this in mind, fashion house 'Basic Rights' has proudly partnered up with Trees for the Future, an organization that has planted over 115 million trees in countries all around the world. Trees for the Future provides impoverished communities the ability to transition from unsustainable farming practices to a Forest Garden System. Combating not only climate change but also helping to empower the very communities in which they plant new trees, the organization stands to have a multi-level impact on our planet. In totality, Trees for the Future has what they call "The Triple Bottom Line" which consists of Ending Hunger, Ending Poverty and Ending Deforestation. Learn more here: