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Christine Lee's Short and Sweet Tale | North Hollywood, California PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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When a woman decides to model, becoming a public figure, the transition requires sacrifices. “I had to give up on studying and having a 9-5 job,” says Christine Lee, who got into modeling as a suggestion by a past associate. “My former make-up artist helped me to be featured on the cover of a Korean newspaper and soon after I got an agent.”




The Korean beauty grew up in a cool neighborhood, which probably led to her rather smooth approach to being interviewed. She answers the questions straightforwardly, wasting no words. She isn’t in touch with anyone who could confirm the coolness of the neighborhood she came from. Today she lives in North Hollywood, where she says it's “Pretty trendy, artsy and convenient.” Yellowstone Park, the popular tourist attraction it is, beckons here as the ideal destination for a getaway.  She loves to shop, dine and party in Hollywood, a place known for great attractions. Her favorite restaurant is Korean BBQ and her favorite nightclub is Drai’s Hollywood.



A Gemini who is very artistic as her zodiac sign suggests, Christine also has a great sense of humor that most people would not have guessed. A precious memory that she holds dear is one of unforgettable love and may surprise many of you; it certainly surprised me. The memory is of the first time she kissed a boy. So sweet. However, there is a compliment that she once received that has stuck with her as well. “I’m not just a pretty face,” someone told her, “both sweet and a great businesswoman.”




In the debate over when a woman is sexiest, Friday night wearing a short black dress or Sunday morning in an over-sized tee-shirt, Christine chooses sides; Friday night in a short black dress. I guess being dolled up, glamorous if you will, is the epitome of sexy to Christine. “I have a very unique, exotic look and unique personality,” she says.





As of late, Christine hasn’t paid much attention to anything new to discover about herself; she simply doesn’t know of any recently uncovered interesting details about herself. Things have been rather steady for the angel, no sudden epiphanies. She does know that some of her friends are envious of her newfound career and others are in awe. Christine also has a fantasy she knows will never come true but still she dares to dream; dating Brad Pitt. As for heaven on earth for our angel, she knows exactly what this means to her, “Traveling all over the world in my private jet,” she says bringing our interview to a close. We hope all her dreams come true.